With the end of the year upon us, the ET&T team is deep into 2024 planning - department budgets, sales projections, marketing campaign conversions, labor efficiencies. We’re swimming in data… and I love it!

I was reminded of my love of data last week when the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Council’s “Hot Careers Dashboard” hit my inbox, with a link connecting me to my past. Before joining ET&T, I worked at Tableau/Salesforce, enabling clients with a visualization tool that helped them see and understand their data. Here’s that snazzy dashboard, shedding light on the local job market. (Not too surprisingly, the healthcare industry has the most job openings currently in the area.)

As we plan for what our 57th year in business looks like, data is allowing us to “inspect what we expect.” End-of-year business reviews with clients are making clear their continued expectations of us as their MSP too:

  • Sustaining our speedy service response times
  • Reducing tickets per employee, translating to high productivity in work that really matters
  • Building IT environments that are compliant with cyber insurance & federal/state regulations
  • Protecting against threats/bad actors that, if not guarded against, can result in massive $$ losses
  • Increasing value on IT investments

I’ll be spending the final weeks of the year reviewing 2023’s data on how we performed against these client expectations and building dashboards and reports that will keep us accountable through 2024.

I’d love to hear what data and expectations you’re planning for in the year ahead!


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