Phone Systems, Network Support, and Cabling Solutions to Improve Business.

Investing in reliable, effective, and secure technology systems and services is essential for success.  ET&T, your local IT services provider, is able to offer your business a unique technology bundle to handle all of your Voice, Data, Cybersecurity, and Cabling needs. We provide affordable and flexible IT solutions based on your environment and deliver service that is second to none.

Consult with our IT solutions experts and let us show you how to improve business operations. We can provide phone system functionality with options and features designed for today's way of doing business. And with our robust monitoring and management tools, we can increase your efficiency, productivity, and offer you greater peace of mind.

Business Phone Systems

Our phone systems offer affordability, flexibility, scalability, and reliability.  Our optimized technology ensures that your phone system never goes down, and even allows for on-the-go business calls through your cell phone or laptop, whether you are located in the office or working remotely.

IT Support

Reduce costs and ensure operational efficiency by trusting our highly trained system engineers to monitor and manage your IT networks, or augment and assist your existing team.  And with our remote support available 24/7/365, you never have to worry about not having someone to reach out to for immediate assistance.

Data Infrastructure

Better control system performance and data flow.  Improved hardware and system components can help make sure your networks and data remain safe.  We combine planning and prevention measures so your business thrives no matter what comes your way.

Structured Cabling

When you need infrastructure cabling, we'll get you wired. Voice, Data, Horizontal, or Riser... Campus overhead, or underground fiber... our bundled services will help lower your costs and help ensure a superior outcome.

Security Cameras

Yes, we provide and install security cameras too!  ET&T is ready to work with you to identify your camera system needs and discuss your options. Better still we will save you the hassles and connect as many as you need.

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