With over 52 years of experience and a 15-minute service acknowledgement backed by a $500 guarantee, ET&T is the leading provider of data, phone, IT, and security solutions in the Lehigh Valley. We service over half of all PA State Police Barracks, and offer convenient, cost-effective solutions for organizations looking for a single provider to service all technology needs. We’re experts at building lasting relationships and pride ourselves on our transparency of service.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. We have 52 years of experience with I.T. service, support, and products for phone, data and security. In other words, we are not learning on your dime; we know what works.
  2. We’re the most trusted name in the Lehigh Valley. We take care of 50 police barracks for the PA State Police, more barracks than all other providers combined. Other organizations that rely on our 24/7/365 service include the City of Allentown, Lehigh Valley International Airport, Historic Hotel Bethlehem, and more.
  3. We have a 15-minute service acknowledgement, backed by a $500 guarantee that we will provide “Wow” service.
  4. We are a one stop technology resource. This means no more shopping for multiple providers, or not knowing who to call when there’s a problem. Also, by taking care of all your needs, we can often offer you a better cost than other companies.
  5. We build lasting relationships- When you call, you’ll be directed to a member of your technology team who you recognize and enjoy working with. They’ll get to know you on a personal level because we care not only about your business, but about you as an individual.
  6. We’re transparent- we believe that you have the right to know exactly what services you’re paying for and will communicate regularly without using “Geek Speak”.

Ready to Secure Your Future Through Superior I.T. Service?

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