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The leading provider of IT Support, Phone Systems, and Network Security Solutions for small to mid-size businesses in and around the Lehigh Valley.


So what makes us the best local IT provider in the Lehigh Valley to partner with?  Well, a lot of things actually.  For starters, ET&T has been a family-owned and operated business since its inception way back in 1968.  This communications company was built on the practice of treating customers like they were an extended member of the family and providing service that was second to none… a tradition that still exists today.  We’ve been an area staple for over five decades, providing small and mid-size business technology solutions and IT support to our neighbors all over Eastern, PA.

As a locally based IT company with a lengthy tenure, we also offer several advantages to our customers.  We have long-established relationships with local phone and internet carriers and can negotiate savings on your behalf.  Our depth of experience means we do not have to subcontract out any work and can maintain full control over the quality, schedule, and costs of all projects.  All our associates are based locally and anytime you call our office, you speak with a live person ready to assist you.   You will never encounter any complicated phone trees, overseas call centers, or scripted responses.  At ET&T, it’s just a friendly voice and a person in tune with your situation.  And since all our full-time technicians are located just down the road, we can have someone on-site within hours and not days after reaching out to us.

From our humble beginnings as a local telecommunications service provider, we have embraced emerging technologies and challenged ourselves to meet the changing needs of the businesses we serve.  Over the years, the solutions we provide have expanded to include VoIP phone systems, managed IT services, network infrastructure, structured cabling, and security cameras.  This puts us in the enviable position of being a complete, business communications technology provider.  It also creates an opportunity for our customers to eliminate the need for multiple vendors all handling different pieces of their interconnected networks- not to mention the frustrations that come when something acts up and no one wants to take responsibility.  With us equipped to install, service, and oversee the entire business communications platform, you’re able to streamline support, expedite problem resolution, and help reduce costs.

Tradition matters… consistency matters… longevity matters… and reliability matters. We are tremendously proud of not only the relationships we have built within our community but also with our professional staff.  Mike our CEO, and Dave our Vice President have both been at ET&T for over 40 years.   Our President, Fusun, has been leading the company’s strategic vision for over 20 years.  Tracy, our Executive Assistant, has been greeting and assisting customers for over 25 years.  Our Project Manager, Tyler has been coordinating installations and on-site visits for our Eastern PA customer base for over 15 years.  Jay, our Senior Field technician has been installing and servicing business phone systems for 15 years.  And we have a handful more of associates in all departments with over 10 years and 5 years of service respectively.

We have always been more and delivered more than the products and solutions we offer.  When you put it all together, there are few IT service providers who can match what we bring to the table, or more importantly how terrific our meal tastes.  To learn more about the ingredients, and the improvements to our recipe over the years, follow the link to read our story:

 The Story of ET&T



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ET&T’s goal is to provide our partners with predictable, business-focused, IT and communications services so they can focus on their core business. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in Pennsylvania. Our team of talented IT professionals can recommend favorable solutions and mitigate your IT challenges.

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