Cabling and Cable Management For Voice Communication and Data Networks

Why Structured Cabling?

As your business grows and technologies become more advanced, the amount of digital data transmitted over network infrastructure only increases. If you’re still using the typical point-to-point cabling model, dealing with all the cross-connected cables when you need to move, add, or change something is a challenge… and trying to pinpoint a problem is a frustrating back-and-forth struggle.

But with a structured cabling system, you’re instantly creating scalable cabling infrastructure that is more secure and robust.  And since workplace technology will only grow, this will allow your data network to keep pace and handle increasing speed and bandwidth demands… without stressing your system.

Our structured cabling solutions equip your networks to handle all your unpredictable voice, data, and video needs more efficiently.  And no more tangled web of confusion… we will put together a streamlined cabling network that is organized and neat.  Our expert team will install cable management equipment to keep everything straight, heading in the right direction, easily accessible, and quickly identifiable.

Infrastructure Cabling Benefits


  • Our structured cabling solution helps you save on labor and service costs. If you choose to upgrade your equipment, you won’t have to then re-cable your entire system and spend extra time and money putting it together again.
  • Our structured cabling maximizes your network’s potential without risking downtime due to human error.  You’ll also require less frequent maintenance which helps contribute to a more positive return on investment.


  • Automatically any future data infrastructure moves, adds, and changes become so much easier since they can be handled in the main distribution area versus running long patch cords from individual equipment racks.
  • Our structured cabling system can easily accommodate new cabinets, workstations, or wireless access points with minimal service disruptions. And if you ever move offices or locations, the cabling setup is easy to remove and recreate.


  • Installing our cabling solution will help to improve the speed, performance, and reliability of your business’s network.  With increased capacity, the cabling environment can better support all your voice, data, video, and media needs so you can get the most out of your network.
  • Our voice and data cabling infrastructure systems allow for quick upgrades, simple maintenance, and effortless repairs when needed.  This means less downtime and better productivity for you and your co-workers.

Network Cable Management

We are a local cabling company that has been keeping businesses connected for decades and understands how to improve your vital infrastructure.  Whatever your current (or future) voice and data network needs may be, we have a cabling solution and options to fit your environment.   Our experienced team will work with you to determine what mix of cabling and equipment matches your goals and budget.

Based on your business requirements, our cabling solutions specialists will recommend running a wiring configuration using Category 5e(Cat5e), Category 6 (Cat 6), Category 7 (Cat 7), or Fiber Optic cabling.  Then utilizing a combination of patch panels, switches, and trunk cables we can build and install an efficient cabling system.  This new and improved cabling network will connect your components from the entrance facility all the way to the end-user stations… delivering reliable, high-speed, high-quality connections for the entire building.

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