Network Management, Data Security, and Managed IT Services

Your business depends on technology to get essential work done.  Digital tools help you connect with customers, plan schedules, keep records, process sales, communicate with a mobile workforce, and so on.  So simultaneously defending against increasingly sophisticated online threats, keeping remote staff connected, protecting all your information, and making sure your files and data are available even if a disaster strikes, can be a little overwhelming.  But the good news is you and your team no longer need to update, monitor, and manage IT networks on your own.

Why Managed IT Services?

Experienced, local professionals to help manage your IT network - ET&T is a local IT services company you can lean on to help relieve some of your network management burdens.  We can handle all or some of the responsibilities of monitoring and maintaining your data systems and securing your IT environment.  Our co-managed or managed IT services can be fine-tuned to your business's needs and provide a strategic, more affordable option for 24/7/365 IT support.

Lower your IT costs - By joining forces with our specialized team of IT professionals, you can take advantage of one monthly flat fee for your IT services.  No longer must you waste internal resources responding to your IT network issues… we will handle them for you.  And you benefit from having additional manpower to respond as needed, without having to increase the company payroll.

Stay focused on your core business - Whether or not you already have an internal IT team (or a staff member who handles IT), we’re able to offer a full range of IT networking solutions that can free up more time to focus on what matters most.  Our team of experienced IT system engineers can help strengthen your networks and provide ideal small-business IT support.  And our managed IT services are scalable, so they can be molded to fit your specific needs.

IT Support and Services We Provide

Business IT Support

For your IT network to benefit your business, it must run effectively.  As a managed IT services provider, we can offer our dedicated resources to help keep you and your team productive.  When you need us, we can serve as your IT support team to help quickly diagnose and resolve system issues.  One call or online ticket submission gets you access to a nearby and familiar remote help desk team to take care of your situation.

Network Systems Management

To ensure a fast, efficient, and secure IT experience your networks require ongoing and specific attention.  We can provide you with the necessary resources to administer many of those critical behind-the-scenes tasks.  Allow us to relieve you of the responsibility of paying attention to things such as patch management, email archiving, or data backup.  You choose what you need and when and we can handle to rest.

Cybersecurity & Network Security Compliance

Avoiding it can prove costly and simply hoping you are properly protected is dangerous.  That’s why we can provide a variety of anti-virus, email security, password protection, and spam filtering solutions that proactively secure your entire IT network.  Whether you are looking for full system cyber monitoring options, access point security, threat assessment, or vulnerability scanning, we have a managed security services package to protect your business.  We will implement and monitor a proven multi-layered security process to keep your data safe and regulation compliant.

You never know when it will happen, or how it will happen, but you should be ready for "if" it happens. We combine planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your systems and data are safe, and your business thrives no matter what comes your way.  Our services also include the development of a comprehensive and well-designed business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

We help you put in place true business measures that protect your data even if something happens to the physical IT equipment.  And our solutions will help keep you compliant with current industry network security standards.

Information Technology Consultant

Where are you now and where do you want to be?  More importantly, what do I need to do to reach our goals?   We are prepared to help you answer these questions and more.  By understanding and analyzing the IT requirements of your organization and the underlying environment, we are able to recommend suitable IT solutions.  We can then help manage and supervise the entire implementation process.  Or if you’re looking toward the future, we can help you plan and budget for that potential technology upgrade.

Still have some questions? Schedule a consultation with our Managed IT Services team today to learn more.