Hosted, VoIP, and Digital Business Phone Systems

Is your current phone system able to keep pace and improve productivity?  Do you have the flexibility to conduct business while not sitting at a desk?  With the communication options currently available, you should not settle for an old, out-of-date system with limited features and functionality.  It’s time you took a closer look at a full-featured, more robust phone system that can instantly improve the way you communicate.

ET&T, the Lehigh Valley, PA area's leading provider of business phone solutions, can provide you with a wide range of phones and phone systems specifically based on your needs, goals, and current infrastructure.  There’s a lot of confusion regarding the different business phone systems, but it basically comes down to a choice between a hosted solution or an on-premise phone system. Based on your expectations, our experts will work with you to determine and recommend what will be most beneficial for your environment.

We will also help you identify which VoIP phones, digital phones, or combinations of solutions make the most sense for your business goals and budget.  As your local telecommunications company located in Bethlehem, PA, our experienced team can handle the installation, ongoing support, and required service of the business phone system you choose.  And we will provide you with trusted, local support from names and faces you know, not a mysterious call center located in another country.

Why ET&T Hosted Powered by Wildix?

Easy to Install - Since our hosted phone solution is browser-based, there is no need for downloads or plug-ins.  All you need is a device, a reliable internet connection, and a web browser.

End User Flexibility - Anywhere, Anytime, and on Any Device.  You will be able to immediately increase mobility, availability, and presence with our hosted phone platform that keeps you connected no matter where you are.

Scalability - Whether it’s a handful or hundreds, our hosted solution can easily be adjusted based on your needs.  And different licensing levels allow you to segregate users based on security and functionality features.

More Secure - Seamless security is built into the design.  Unlike some of the others, ET&T’s hosted phone solution is inherently secure.  Your voice and data are always protected thanks to a native encryption system, without the additional SBCs or VPNs.

Unified Communications - Easily combine all your real-time communication tools in one place.  Audio and visual calls, chat and messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing can all be done all within the same interface.  Eliminate the need for and expense of a third-party video conferencing alternative.

Local Call and Local Support - With our solution, one number puts you in touch with a live, local, and experienced team to quickly address any issues.  You will be able to avoid calling an overseas representative and listening to their scripted responses.

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Maybe you want to explore on your own?  Follow this link to get a feel for what it can do for your communications.

Which ET&T On Premise Solution is the Right One?

An On-Premise phone system is simply any phone system that the main controller resides within the customer’s physical location.  This could be digital or IP-based technology and choosing the correct system that is best for you typically comes down to a few key factors:

  • Communications Investment Allocation
  • Existing Infrastructure Capacity
  • Business Mobility Aspirations (remote, in office, on the road)

VoIP System - To modernize your communication system and fully embrace the latest technologies, you need to take a close look at a VoIP system.  On a VoIP system, your voice resides on your data infrastructure.  The voice packets need to be prioritized and the system needs to be programmed correctly to ensure call quality.  The VoIP system could either be based on physical hardware or virtually residing in a VMware environment.

Digital System - A digital system is recommended if your infrastructure is not sufficient to accommodate a VOIP solution.  If your existing cabling is not a minimum of CAT5, then digital is a good solution for you.  Digital systems use traditional phone lines but convert the analog sound of your voice into a digital signal that is encoded and then decoded at the other end of the line.

Hybrid System - If you’re considering upgrading from a traditional analog to a VoIP technology-based system, but want to ensure a smooth transition and still be able to utilize some of your analog lines, then a hybrid telephone system provides the perfect option.  A hybrid system will allow you to implement any traditional analog, VoIP, and digital technology preferences simultaneously helping to ensure that your phone services.

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