Data and Network Infrastructure

Networking infrastructure is both the hardware and the software that powers your communications network.  Dozens of discrete IT infrastructure components provide connectivity, security, and reliability to your data networks.  At ET&T, we are a full-service, Lehigh Valley-based, IT infrastructure company that provides both the individual hardware and the IT operations specialists to support and service all your IT network equipment.

Your computer network is the backbone of your business… and our skilled system engineers can collaborate with your staff to identify needs, recommend solutions, implement upgrades, and then help maintain all facets of your IT network.   Essential information travels across your data network all the time, so it helps to have a local IT support team you can count on to configure your IT systems for maximum performance.

Simply making forward-looking investments into this critical but often forgotten data infrastructure can quickly pay dividends for you in the future.  We can help you find the innovative IT solutions you need to transform your business for what's next.   And depending on your network configuration and business IT solution goals, we have scalable on-premise and HAAS implementation options that best suit your environment.

Enjoy The Benefits of Our IT Infrastructure Solutions

  • Improve End-User Productivity and Performance - Choose from a wide array of computer hardware for your employee workstations that include several brand-name laptops and desktops.  More efficiently access, hold, and share files across devices with network servers that help you keep pace with business.
  • Strategically Expand your IT Networks and Gain Better Control of Data Flow - Our top-rated IT services include creating network infrastructure that is both flexible and maximizes reach.  We can help determine the ideal need for switches to connect multiple network devices. And we can help you instantly improve business connectivity and speed with improvements to your wireless networking, including installing well-placed wireless access points and bridges.
  • Tighten Network Security - Our Firewall devices can monitor traffic and help prevent unauthorized network access.  In addition, they can help you create more secure remote working environments for all your team members.
  • Increase Network Protection During an Emergency - Allow us to help you be prepared with a business contingency plan to help you stay productive and worry-free during an unforeseen event. Our Smart-UPS solution can protect your network devices during a power surge and keep them running during an outage. And our data backup solutions protect your data from loss while providing personalized access whenever you need it.

How Will Your Current Data Infrastructure Perform When Challenged?

The best way to get that answer is to allow us to perform a quick and painless IT network assessment.   This brief, onsite visit will allow us to take a closer look at your equipment, the set-up, the current volume, and most importantly the performance of your IT network.   No matter the results we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of our findings and recommendations for moving forward.

If you’re considering an upgrade, be sure to schedule your Free IT Assessment Today!