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Easy Prey
How To Protect Your Business
From Data Breach, Cybercrime
And Employee Fraud

Announcing Our Collaborative Book, Written Along With 25 Of The Top Security
Minds In the IT Industry. Easy Prey Will Be Available On Amazon.com Beginning
August 18, 2016.

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The term Easy Prey aptly describes those businesses exposed to the illegal, immoral and illicit
industry known as Cybercrime. Unsuspecting and often unwary businesses and their personnel are
often taken in as “easy prey” by cyber-gangsters. Cybercrime, which replaced cyber-vandalism, is
growing quickly and more sophisticated daily.

The counter to threats of cybercrime, the cybersecurity experts in this book lead the way to secure
their client’s systems and data from vicious cyber-attacks. With added government regulations for
compliance and privacy, these experts are called upon to train and protect their clients from the
online bandits that frequent the Internet, as well as to meet regulatory compliance standards.
The IT experts in this book are people who are in business to protect digital information. In
addition to unscrupulous sources that wish to profit from competitive information, businesses also
have to deal with governmental regulations that ensure both consumers privacy as well as
organizational transparency as well. Penalties for not adopting legislated governmental
requirements in medical, financial and various other industries are severe.

The need to secure business cyber-systems and train personnel in cyber-security has become
critical. Businesses of every size can no longer assume their computer operations are safe.
Professionals – like the authors in this book – are called in to ensure they don’t become Easy Prey
for cybercriminals thereby protecting them from the unimaginable social and financial consequences
they can bring.

While the book focuses on various topics within IT and all things digital, my chapter is titled
“HISTORY OF CYBERCRIME.” In this chapter, I discuss and divulge some of most notorious cybercrimes ever perpetrated using computers and the internet.

See the pre-launch web site at http://www.ET-T.com/EasyPrey

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