“During the install, there wasn't one thing that could have been better.  Everything went very smoothly."

- Michael Hannsen, Supervisor of Technology



Saucon Valley School District, located in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, commits to and has high expectations for all their students.  So much so that the school district consolidated into a single, state-of-the-art complex offering unparalleled facilities and classrooms that are wired and networked for the Information Age.  As a result, Saucon Valley School District can now provide comprehensive and equitable access to educational technology and web resources to ensure its students develop the essential knowledge and skills necessary to thrive.



Starting in 2020, ET&T became a strategic partner of Saucon Valley School District by providing them with the expertise and services essential to improving efficiencies, productivities, and seamless integration of systems.  Most recently, ET&T installed the Mitel 3300 MXe III Platform with unified communication capabilities.  Their existing Iwatsu phone system was old and unreliable and did not offer any of the newer features of a Mitel 3300 system.

But now with a new, feature-rich Mitel system, users enjoy a consistent communication experience anywhere, anytime, and on any device of their choice.  In addition, being able to access voice mail from their desktop and through email provides them immediate benefits.  We thank Saucon Valley School District for choosing us as their trusted technology partner.  ET&T understands the unique needs and challenges of teaching environments, and how to timely and efficiently respond. In fact, we have been the long-term technology expert for several local school districts and education centers.


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