ā€œET&T's customer service is the best. They go above and beyond to assist clients and potential clients to meet their business demands.ā€

ā€” Lisa Walkiewicz, President and CEO


Via of the Lehigh Valley is a non-profit agency whose mission is to help children and adults with disabilities achieve their full potential. Their services range from assisting with access to education and a career, to providing therapy and developing community networks, and providing support for leisure, home, and even retirement. Via also builds strong relationships with community partners who positively impact the way the public perceives those who are differently-abled.


Dealing with a phone system that was 30 years old wasn't easy--it meant failures that took several hours to bring back online, and the inability to restore voicemails and use personal mailboxes. ET&T would help Via of the Lehigh Valley when their system went down, even though they weren't officially a client,. This is why when they secured the grant that they needed to upgrade their phone systems in 2019, they said that it was easy for them to choose ET&T as their partner.

ET&T installed a Mitel MiVoice Office 250 System, a popular choice for small to mid-size businesses. This system is scalable, allowing for business growth, and offers a wide variety of productivity-enhancing applications. Via is appreciative of the system's flexibility as well as its ease of use. According to them, it has helped them manage throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as it made it possible for employees to work remotely.

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