“The cutover process went so smoothly, that it would qualify as a non-event, if not for the fact that we got the phone system of our dreams today!”

— Michael Nagel, Director of Project Management, Cetronia Ambulance Corps

Superior patient care
Founded in 1955, Cetronia Ambulance Corps is one of the largest providers of ambulance services in Eastern Pennsylvania. A non-profit, community-based emergency medical services provider located in the Lehigh Valley, Cetronia employs 135 full and part-time career associates and 20 active volunteers.  Cetronia dispatches a total fleet of 33 specialized vehicles.

Answering more calls
To maintain its reputation for superior patient care and rapid response, Cetronia Ambulance brought ET&T to recommend a new phone system that would help the busy transport company keep pace with the growing regional demand for its services.  The new system would have to meet a set of strict requirements.

Medical Transportation
Based Allentown, PA
A fleet of 33 Vehicles
135 Employees

Mitel 3300 IP Networked Communication Platform
Feature Rich Mitel IP Phones
Mitel Cordless Handsets & Headsets
LIM for Emergency Support

Key Benefits
Improved customer response
Increased call capacity
System reliability
Improved call quality
Outstanding technical support

Complex features – No downtime
There would be zero tolerance for service interruptions during system implementation, which would include transitioning to a new dial tone provider – all under an aggressive schedule.  Plus, day-shift and night-shift staff would have to be trained on the new system.  The new phone system would have to connect a busy call center, integrate easily with a mix of current and emerging technologies, and support a robust set of advanced apps and features covering multiple locations.

Up to speed
ET&T recommended a flexible, scalable Mitel 3300 phone system designed to meet the needs of everyone at Cetronia – from the office staff to project teams and managers who spend their workday primarily in the field.  With Mitel’s open architecture and technical support resources, ET&T was well-positioned to support all the required system integration work, along with coordinating the smooth transition to a new dial tone provider.

Ready to respond
Once the implementation process began, ET&T continued to fine-tune the phone system until every user was satisfied across the organization.  Now Cetronia Ambulance has a communication platform that helps it meet the region’s 24 X 7 demand for medical transport services while enabling Cetronia to accommodate its growth with ease.  Cetronia also enjoys peace of mind that comes from ET&T’s local, round-the-clock dedicated support team.

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