Ah Spring! After spending so much time cooped up indoors, many of us are eager to de-clutter our spaces and freshen up what has become a stale environment.

As you spring clean your homes and offices, consider spring cleaning your technology. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

-Delete cookies off of your web browsers

-Examine your text messages, voicemails, pictures, files, and apps...can any of these be deleted?

-When was the last time you backed up your data? Back up anything you wouldn't want to lose in event of disaster

-Are your apps and software up to date? Updates often contain critical security patches

-If you own a business, conduct an IT audit to see what services you may be missing, or if there's an opportunity to save money.


Just as our physical spaces need cleaning, so do our digital ones. "Cleaning" them can help  optimize your technology environment sot that it is as efficient and safe as possible.

Want to do a spring "tech" cleaning but don't know where to begin?  We can help. Call us for a free audit of your technology environment, or if you need help with any of these services.

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