Both T-Mobile and Aetna have recently been hacked. At Aetna, an email account containing consumer information was breached, and phishing scams were sent to the email addresses contained on this account. Our partners, ID agent, rate this breach as being "Severe".  This rating indicates that valuable consumer information may have been stolen such as partial social security numbers, insurance details, medical diagnoses, and more.

T-Mobile was also hacked, exposing 200,000 clients to data theft. The data that may have been stolen is not as critical as that of Aetna. However, T-Mobile has warned affected users to beware of phishing scams.

Think your business is safe from cybercrime? Think again. If industry giants such as T-Mobile and Aetna are vulnerable to attack, so are you. Call ET&T at 610-433-1000 to protect yourself.