Last month was a doozy for cyber breaches, with industry giants such as Spotify and Microsoft falling victim. According to ID Agent, consumer information on Spotify has been leaked to third parties which means that their customers are at risk of experiencing spear phishing and other attacks.

Microsoft claims that consumer information has not been compromised, however, the attack was still rated as "extreme".

What this means:

  • Protect your business from cyber attack. If industry giants can be hacked, so can you. In fact, cyber criminals are more likely to go after small businesses than large. Seek help from ET&T, because we know how to protect you before disaster strikes.
  • Protect your information. Limit how many applications and business have access to your information, and if a breach occurs, stay vigilant. Do not fall for phishing or other scams that may result, change your password, and always keep a close eye on important accounts (such as bank accounts that may have been linked to a website) to make sure they haven't been compromised.