There's a reason why greats such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant chose Tim Grover as their personal trainer. He's's great at everything he does. He knows exactly what it takes to achieve greatness--the secret to success that everybody is constantly chasing. That secret?

Be relentless.

What does it mean to be relentless?

It means no complaining and no excuses. You have to figure out what it is that you want and go for it at full speed, making sacrifices along the way. Until you choose to be relentless, you're acting as your own roadblock on the path to success. If you don't commit to being successful, you never will be.

If you're an owner or manager of any variety, this relentlessness should be expected of most members of your team. You must determine who is relentless in the pursuit of greatness, and who is bringing you down. This isn't a quality that most people can be trained to requires inherent hard work, dedication, and passion. Three words that we hear all the time but have learned to disregard or even hate.  If you and your team aren't relentless, there's no hope of achieving your goals, let alone surpassing them.

At ET&T we're relentless in our passion for providing stellar IT and technology services to our customers. We're relentless about continuing our education so that we can stay up to date, not only as technology providers, but as leaders within our community. We're proud of our team of relentless professionals, and are grateful for leaders such as Tim Grover who remind us that our hard work does not go unnoticed...that it truly is the secret as to why we've been around for 52 to years with no plans on packing up anytime soon.


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