If you’re anything like me, you’ve had to cancel a summer trip that you planned long before anyone associated corona with anything but an adult beverage. Here’s a tip…just because you cancelled your trip, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a vacation. We all need a break from routine—whether it’s a break from working or from quarantine activities. Yet, many of us still aren’t comfortable with the idea of travelling unless completely necessary. That’s where a stay-cation comes into play. Read on for 5 fun ideas to try during your staycation!


1. Create a Spa Retreat


Not only are at-home spas way cheaper than the real deal, but they’re also more flexible. You get to choose exactly what your spa day (or week) will look like, and how much you’d like to spend (if anything at all). You can make your own treatments using ingredients that you have at home, or order them online through places like Esty, Ulta, and even Target. You can find ideas for treatments here.  Don’t forget to integrate relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation, reading, and journaling into your day, and decide on what you’ll eat during your retreat ahead of time, to avoid last minute stress.



2.Have an At-Home Beach Day

I recently tried this one, and it was a total success! Put on your swimsuit, slap on some sunscreen (ah, the scent of summer!) and spend the day outside. If you have a pool, go swimming or listen to beachy tunes while lounging nearby. Don’t have a pool but still want to cool off? Purchase classic childhood favorites such as water guns, water-balloons, and a sprinkler, then allow yourself to be a kid again—this what I did, and we had a blast! Don’t forget to treat yourself to sweet treats such as popsicles, ice-cream, or iced tea.


3. Host a Film Festival


Whether you’re stay-cationing solo or with your family, there’s nothing like allowing yourself to binge watch movies without guilt. Save stress by determining the line-up in advance; either pick a theme, choose a selection of your favorites, or stream movies that you’ve never seen before. Make the night even more memorable by making special snacks and/or drinks ahead of time, and by taking the festival outdoors (if you have the space to create an outdoor theater like this.


4. Get Cooking

Love cooking and/or baking, but feel like you’re always too busy to do it? Now’s your chance to dedicate a day or two to it. Whip up a recipe you’ve been eyeing up for some time, or pick a theme….cook up cuisine from around the world, or food inspired by your favorite movies, books, or even restaurants! Still not inspired? Take an online class, watch YouTube videos by bloggers such as Pick Up Limes, or stream a cooking show on tv. Want to turn it into a competition? Challenge your friends or family to an Iron Chef battle, or pretend to be on Chopped! For Iron Chef, pick a secret ingredient that everyone must base a meal around. For Chopped, fill a basket with required ingredients; the weirder the better (or at least, funnier).


5. Have a Nature Day

Who says that you can’t go camping in your backyard? Pitch a tent, roast some s’mores, and stargaze! If you’re feeling adventurous, take a field trip to a local hiking trail.

Experiencing bad weather, or not a fan of the outdoors? Build an adult fort, or set up sleeping bags and blankets inside! Make s’mores in your microwave or oven, and tell stories and/or play board games and watch movies by candlelight.